WDI 2017 – small report

March 28-29th – I partially attended at Warszawskie Dni Informatyki in Warsaw.

It was the 7th edition of the biggest IT event for students and professionals in Poland with job fairs, presentations, talks, workshops, contests, free pizza and t-shirt.

Presentations I was at:

  • JVM alternative languages by Mateusz Chrzonstowski and Piotr Pawlak: comparison of some features in Groovy and Gosu to the Java


  • SOLID and DRY, how to write good code in JS? by Damian Wielgosik: live coding of simple shopping cart in JavaScript (ES6)
  • Startups vs corporations: discussion panel with Mateusz Mikulski, Artur Wiza, Paweł Wadyl, Borys Musielak, led by Maciej Aniserowicz: pros and cons of working at them, career possibilities, skill requirements
  • JavaScript on the back-end, yes or no? by Piotr Radosz: Node.js from dev-ops perspective
  • Android Dev – from zero to hero by Grzegorz Sołdatowski – workshops about coding simple app in Android Studio
  • The way of architect by Jarosław Pałka: myths and facts in developer’s career
  • How technology is changing our future? Q&A session with Maciej Aniserowicz, Arek Benedykt, Mirosław Burnejko and Jarosław Pałka


During these two days there were several paths of talks so I couldn’t be on all that I wanted. It was really exciting to be there, I learned a lot and can’t wait for next year.

Gallery with random photos


Main entrance


Tesla car


Pizza delivery


“Deep dive by DevTalk” stage


T-shirt logo



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