Cellular automaton #1 – Intro

Hello again! Week is ending soon almost finished, it is time for a second post.

I wanted to keep some schedule for posts publishing or at least for one, but I’m afraid this is impossible at the moment. Simply I’m not used to this and I had to handle something else over the week.

About me

I didn’t introduce myself before so let me do it quickly now.
I am a young programmer that recently started his career as a web developer. Before that I was studying computer science. Generally my main interests were always around computers, PC games, software,  Internet and how it all works. My language of choice is Ruby, which I learned while doing final project in the college. Currently I’m working as a full time back-end developer using Ruby (mostly Ruby on Rails), Elixir and JavaScript.

About project

After very long thinking on what to do or what technology to use I’m going to do web application that will allow sort of playing with cellular automata (this is plural form, singular is: automaton). Ever heard of Game of life? If not then it is actually a two-dimensional cellular automaton. The topic itself is very well described here.

Maybe it isn’t very ambitious but now I just want to have some fun and do something in the fairly comfortable environment for me. Basic implementation  (1-D cellular automaton specifically) can be done in one evening – I guess, as it’s just algorithm with input and output. However there are many variants and visualization is another thing. If I will finish early, then I can add more features that I already thought about.


Why web app? Clearly there won’t be any advanced calculations and there is no need for persistence so using server in this case seems like big overkill. All stuff could be done on client side. I’m not sure yet about all features and if I will need database, then there is no problem with adding it.

Last details: I will start with Sinatra framework, application will be deployed with nanobox (first time trying out this platform). Later I will try to extract cellular automata logic to a gem (which is Ruby library or package).

Next part: Initial setup.





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