As a developer I want to have a blog

Is this thing on? OK then…

Hello World, because now is a good moment to finally start writing a blog. Something that was at the back of my head for some time now. I created this WordPress account about 2 years ago with 1 draft post which was never published. No excuses this time. Why?

Get Noticed!

Currently we have on-going contest for programmers in Poland, it’s original name is Daj Się Poznać, which translates to “Get noticed”. Here is the main page. General rules and challenges are:

  • developing an open source project on GitHub
  • writing blog posts along with it (2 times weekly)
  • do above activities for 3 months

The organizer is Maciej Aniserowicz, a well known man in the IT community. He is writing blog, doing podcast and many more things related to the programming world. Lately he started making daily vlogs on YouTube, which I find totally epic. I also watch his snapchat, it’s really funny sometimes, I think this is the thing that motivated me the most to take part in this great event, so I recommend it.


Currently the are more than 700 people registered in the contest and it’s already 2 times more than in last year edition. This is the big list of all participants.

Before registering I had to decide on blogging platform and subject of the project (more on this later). I postponed it to the last day and I hit the submit button in the last minute. Fortunately registration period was extended to 12 March so I can still update my profile.

Most of us doesn’t like to do something difficult for free and I feel it will be a huge challenge for me to the very end, but I need to try. Besides chance on winning great prizes I pointed out priceless profits that I and other developers can gain for sure:

  • writing training (bonus points if it’s english)
  • publishing side project on GitHub
  • presentation of skills learned up to now
  • self development
  • leaving so called “comfort zone”
  • getting noticed, obviously

That’s all for now. Good luck, have fun. See you later 🙂


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